The wrong ignition fluid can ruin your barbeque party

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Date : May 28, 2004

Even otherwise carefully prepared barbecue party can fail if ignition liquid leaves chemical flavor and fragrance to the food.

Often the people who are planning a barbecue make such mistake that they choose foods and drinks carefully, but then grab the first fire starter / ignition fluid from a store or gas station. Moreover, they do not think about the fact that there are quite a number of different fire starters / ignition fluids and their characteristics have an impact on the grilled food.
Although the selection is quite large, trial and error method often applies to purchases.
In case of bad choice it can happen that instead of the hoped – pleasing flavors your guests will leave with a bad taste in their mouth – both literal and metaphorical sense.

“The purpose of grilling is to bring out the best qualities of the food, not overshadow them with something else,” says Heiki Lepista, chef of an Indian restaurant Elevant in Tallinn. “The aroma is in case of many dishes – and especially in Indian cuisine – even more important than the taste.

Therefore while grilling food, avoid ignition fluids that may leave a strong chemical smell and taste. ”

Based on spirits or oil

Ignition fluids available in stores are divided to spirits and oil based. The first is odorless and it is not going to overshadow the food’s natural flavor. Largely for this reason the best restaurants use spirits lamps. Spirits combustion products are water and carbon dioxide (the so-called lemonade gas), which is completely safe and do not cause additional taste to the grilled foodstuff.

The unpleasant side taste

Combustion of petroleum-based ignition fluid products on the other hand, accumulates combustion products in the food and thus creates unpleasant taste.

Neither are the spirit-based ignition fluids environmental hazards, cause they are produced from the element safe to the environment. So you can rest assured that the nature in the direct proximity of the grill is safe and that the grill maker himself is left to full health.

One should be careful with oil-based ignition fluids however – as it is an environmental hazardous substance, inhalation is very harmful and in addition the combustion of aliphatic hydrocarbons produce complex chemical compounds and soot.

Speaking of ignition fluids it has to be acknowledged that that oil-based ignite and burn more intensely.
“While this may be one important indicator for some grill makers, one should not forget the fact that grilling is not burning food on a naked flame, but something more,” says Lepista. “The result of barbecue grilling, that is the smell and taste of the food are exactly the characteristics that must be borne in mind when choosing ignition fluids.”

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