Why use a washing liquid for sportswear?

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Date : January 30, 2009

Triumph of so-called high-tech or high-performance textiles, which are common for making sportswear, began over 20 years ago. Originally these were developed for military purposes where there was a need to ensure maximum human performance and protection in harsh and extreme weather conditions. Very soon these textiles found their place in sportswear manufacturing. The most well-known brands of such textiles are Gore-Tex, DRI-FIT, Coolmax, eVent, and others. All of these fabrics have a common feature to direct moisture from the skin to ensure optimal skin temperature regime during intense physical activity. Use of regular fabric makes clothes wet with sweat and gives an unpleasant feeling, your body overheats and after completing the intense activity there is a risk of getting cold. Structure of the textiles is quite complex because of the porous and special fiber materials.

Such sophisticated fabrics need special care. It is a fairly common problem, that high-tech features of expensive sports clothes remain stable only until first washing. The reason is that “normal” detergents and fabric softeners leave a significant amount of residue in the fabric thus blocking pores of this special fabric, and moisture management feature is lost. Expensive clothing can be a ruined with one wash. In addition, residue which is clogged in fabric pores is an ideal breeding ground for bacteria and fungi.

In recent years, Mayeri has developed special detergentMayeri Sport Wash” for high-tech fabrics. Characteristic for these detergents is that they do not leave virtually no residue and clean effectively the pores and fibers of the fabric. The latest generation of cleaning agents is used in these detergents, which are effective with dirt, but do not harm special moisture-leading ability of the fabric. Detergents designed especially for washing sports clothes generally also contain special substances that remove the sweat and other unpleasant odors. Maintaining your sports clothes with special detergents will prolong high-tech features of the sportswear. In addition, we point out that it is forbidden to use fabric softeners.

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