Top-level freezing point measurement of refrigerants and windshield washer fluid

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Date : August 14, 2014

measurementThe freezing-point can only be measured in compliance with the respective standard and by using a dedicated measuring device. 

The freezing-point of vehicle refrigerants and windshield washer fluid is always under question – do the products meet what the manufacturer promises? Unfortunately, the respective analyses of local laboratories do not meet the requirements: the freezing point is measured by using non-standard methods (e.g. by using measurement methods for aircraft fuel) and inappropriate measurement devices. As far as Mayeri is aware of, no laboratories offering freezing-point measurement service to the public are in possession of appropriate devices.

Earlier, the quality of products was measured through measuring substance density. The new measurement device has brought product quality control to a completely new and acceptable level that gives customers full confidence with regard to the qualities of their products.

According to the information available, Mayeri Industries AS is the only one in Estonia in possession of an ASTM 1177 compliant freezing-point measurement device. ASTM 1177 describes a standardised method for measuring the freezing-point, whereby the measurement error, mostly caused by reading the results, has been taken to the minimum. Measurements with other measurement devices are not correct.

With the same measurement device, the freezing-point of windshield washer fluid can be measured by using the most reliable and acceptable method available.


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