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Pheromone trap for pea moth


Adult pea moths are small grey or brown moths with yellow markings on the sides. Their wingspan is 12-16 mm. Pea moths begin their flight during the blooming of peas (June/July). Female moths lay their eggs on pea pods. Larvae hatch from the eggs, resulting in worm-infested peas. The larvae are white or yellow, with black heads, and approximately 6 mm long. The larvae roam around in the plant before they enter the pod and feed for up to a month. After that, they exit the pod – constantly eating it – and overwinter in the soil in cocoons. The activity of the larvae is at its highest in July and August.

In order to trap the pea moth, set up one pheromone trap for every 2-3 metres of bed. On a larger field, place the traps around the beds with gaps of about 20 metres, plus some in the middle. 2-3 traps are needed for a 1-hectare garden in order to determine the necessity of and time for insecticide spraying.

The kit includes:
– 2 plastic traps
– 4 pheromone capsules
– 4 gluey bases
– 4 fastening details

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