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Fabric softener Fresh Hibiscus


Fabric Softener with *allergen-free fragrance.   

Use fabric softener when washing laundry if you want:

💭 to keep your clothes in shape and elasticity + keep them from stretching out

💭 to make your fabric fibers pleasantly soft

💭 to remove the annoying static electricity from your clothes

💭 your laundry to smell absolutely wonderful

Instructions for use: shake the bottle before using, dose according to instructions, pour the fabric softener into the softener compartment of the washing machine. If washing by hand, add to the water of the last rinsing.

Ingredients: 5–15% cationic surfactants, <5% isopropanol, Benzalkonium Chloride, perfume, dye.

Does not require any prior dilution. Do not store at temperatures below 5°C. Bottle is made from recycled plastic. 

*Allergen-free fragrances – our fragrances are not listed in EU Cosmetic Regulation, the 26 substances listed in Annex III of the Regulation are known for their allergenic potential and are under the regulatory framework because of it.