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Dishwasher tablets All-in-1 in water soluble foil

Dishwasher tablets All-in-1 in water soluble foil. Tablets are awarded with EU Ecolabel and Nordic Swan Ecolabel.

Tablet cleans dishes effectively without using rinse and special salt.

  • Washing agent removes grease effectively
  • Rinse aid provides a shiny gaze on glasses and tableware without lime stains
  • Water softener protects dishwashing machine from calc.
  • Glass protection reduces the effect of spotting to silver and stainless steel protects glasses from corrosion
  • Tablet is covered with water soluble foil.

Product is available in three sizes – 16pcs and 24 pcs in doy pack and 40 pcs in carton box. Carton box is made 100% from recycled materials.