Private label


Private label: household chemistry, car chemistry, garden chemistry and solvents

mayeritehas1Mayeri Industries AS offers a full solution of private label  to their customers: product development, production, storage and transport planning. Mayeri is the only enterprise in Baltic States, which produces washing and cleaning powders. Production experience of the enterprise goes back to the year 1889. Therefor we have a large knowledge package for developing products and experience to ensure high quality of products. The enterprise has satisfied retail and wholesale customers all over Europe: in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Russia, Germany and Great Britain.

Wide variety of private label products in form of powder or liquid

  • Household chemistry:

    • washing gels: for coloured, white and black fabrics, sports clothing, footwear, jeans, wool, silk and all-purpose washing.
    • washing powders: for coloured and white fabrics, work clothing, micro-fiber fabric  and all-purpose washing
    • washing powder enhancers (powder)
    • stain removers (powder)
    • bleach (powder and liquid)
    • soaking agent (powder)
    • fabric softeners
    • dishwashing detergents (dishwashing detergents for hand wash, dishwashing machine tablets, salt, gel)
    • detergents (general, kitchen, glass, floor, bathroom, acrylic surfaces, WC and grill detergents, general moist tissues, etc.)
    • pipe and sewerage blockage elimination agents (liquid and granulated)
    • calc remover (powder and liquid)
    • hand washing liquids (liquid soaps, detergent for oily hands)
    • nail polish removers (without acetone and with acetone)
    • distilled water (suitable for irons, batteries, air humidifier, car radiators and other devices, which require distilled water)
    • grill ignition fluids (based on spirit or petroleum)
    • lamp oil
    • aerosols (antistatic, starching and ironing agent)

The enterprise has developed a sensitive product line, which contains: washing powders, washing gels, fabric softeners, dishwashing liquids, liquid soaps, general detergents and glass detergents. Sensitive line products are suitable for allergic persons, families with children and consumers with sensitive skin.

The enterprise has also experience in production of nature friendly washing and cleaning detergents. Environmentally safe products do not contain phosphates, zeolites or toxic substances and their composition is biodegradable. Therefor these products do not contaminate environment and are suitable for customers who prefer green thinking.

  • Car chemistry

    • windscreen washing fluids (windscreen washing fluids for summer and winter time, concentrated windscreen washing fluids)
    • car shampoos (regular car shampoos and car shampoos with wax, concentrated car shampoos)
    • break fluids (Dot-3, Dot-4, Dot-5)
    • cooling fluids (Including concentrated cooling fluids and tosol)
    • battery acid
    • distilled water (for car battery and radiator)
    • engine washing detergent
    • tar remover
    • micro emulsion
    • wheel rim washing detergent
    • soaking and washing agent
    • lubricating oils (silicone oil, universal oil)
    • car lock de-icers
  • Garden chemistry

    • fertilizers (special purpose fertilizers with micro-elements, nitrogen fertilizer with calcium and general fertilizer)
    • pheromone traps – toxin free pests control and  pests determination (for apple moth, apple fruit moth, apple ermine, plum fruit moth, bean moth)
    • green soap (suitable for greenfly control, etc.)
  • Solvents 

    • Acetone
    • white spirit
    • denatured spirit
    • nitro-solvent
    • isopropyl alcohol
    • acetate
    • resin turpentine
    • aviation spirit


Large production capacity, modern laboratory and production technology

IMG_7782The enterprise is capable to manufacture and pack up to 700 tons of liquid substances and 120 tons of powder products in twenty-four hour period. In addition there is a possibility to granulate powders. Up-to-date laboratory technology is used for product development and quality control. This allows carrying out new and innovative household chemistry projects in addition to existing products. (read more about product development here) The enterprise offers packaging of products into many different product packages. (read more about packaging here)

Experienced specialists of product development, production and quality control

  • Development managers: management and development of product brands
  • Chemists: development of new product formulas and improvement of product quality
  • Production specialists: responsible for quality of production process
  • Quality controllers: quality control of raw materials and end products in the laboratory


Large warehouse and ready-made logistical solutions

In the possession of the enterprise is 5000 m2 of warehouse space for storage of private label products. In addition we offer flexible and operative logistical solutions (including transport).

responsibleCareEnvironmentally safe production

  • No contamination
  • No leakage of chemicals in the production facilities
  • Full control of handling of chemicals
  • No use of chemicals with higher danger risk
  • No waste materials and waste water in production
  • Following required safety precautions prevents negative impact on employees health

Mayeri Industries AS has joined an international Responsible Care program, which concentrates enterprises with environmentally safe production and according to which principles environment management is designed in the enterprise. (See Responsible Care program certificate here)

Become a private label partner

The enterprise fulfills small and large scale product orders and ensures that products will be ready for the deadline. Contact and additional information about private label possibilities: (e-mail: , tel: +372 61 01 439

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