Why prefer washing liquid to washing powder?

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Date : October 9, 2006

In a society where dominant is the way of thinking that the customer is king, all the manufacturers are trying to meet all kinds of different habits and demands of consumers. This leads to a wider choice of laundry detergents on the market of household chemicals. In recent years, in addition to traditional washing powders washing liquids / washing gels are also noticeable on the shop shelves.

Why should I prefer washing liquid / washing gel to good old washing powder?

  1. Fast solubility in water gives greater advantage to the gel. Due to a low water pressure, especially in large apartment buildings, washing powder often stays in dosing tray. With washing liquid this problem does not exists.
  2. Depending on the container washing powders may collect from the air to a greater or lesser extent, moisture, and therefore after longer storage they may cake. Humid powder is inconvenient to use, and it remains in the dosing tray. With washing liquid this problem does not occur.
  3. Effect of the washing liquid during the wash cycle of the washing machine is faster due to its good solubility.
  4. Washing liquid makes hand washing of clothes easier and more convenient.
  5. Due to the high concentration it is more convenient to use washing liquid as a one liter of washing liquid normally contains the same amount of detergents as two kilogram washing powder package.
  6. In case of some stains washing liquid may be considered more effective than washing powder. As a rule, washing liquids contain more detergents than washing powders, due to which they will remove grease and oil stains efficiently even at low temperatures (30-60 ° C).
  7. Washing liquids are recommended for people who have an allergy to powdered products. A number of manufacturers also offer custom designed washing gels, which does not contain fragrances, colors or preservatives, for sensitive consumers.

Like in case of washing powders for washing different fabrics it is recommended to use different washing gels / washing liquids
Mayer has a variety of washing gels / washing liquids for different fabrics:

  • Universal Automatic washing liquid is suitable for both white and colored laundry, for hand or machine wash.
  • Color washing liquid contains special color preserving ingredients and it is designed for colored laundry.
  • Mayeri Sensitive washing liquid may be used for washing laundry of infants and allergic people. The gel has been approved by Estonian Midwives Association and Estonian Society of Immunology and Allergology.
  • Wool and Silk washing liquid is designed for delicate fabrics such as wool and silk
  • The newest product Mayeri Sport Washing liquid is specially designed for sports clothes.


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