Why to use fabric softener?

Date : January 11, 2017

In 2016, Mayeri made a change in its range of fabric softeners – glycerin was added in the content of the products, which increased significantly the softening ability of those products. Additionally, Mayeri has launched five new fabric softeners with modern scents (Touch of Nature, Pure Luxury, Tropical Breeze, Spring Fresh, Cotton Flowers), which all give a fresh smell to the fabric. In addition to the earlier 750 ml products, new 1.5 l products are now added to the product range.

Why is it necessary to use fabric softeners?

  • Using a fabric softener makes the fabric softer and more elastic.
  • Using a fabric softener protects the fabric from static electricity and makes ironing easier.
  • Scented fabric softeners give a good and fresh smell to the fabric.
  • Fabric softeners softens the fabric fibres and might prevent skin irritation caused by the fabric. Therefore, it is recommended that consumers with sensitive skin, allergies or asthma use Sensitive fabric softeners, which do not contain allergens in different colouring agents and fragrances.

In which cases it is not recommended to use fabric softeners?

Fabric softeners are meant to stick to the fabric in order to fulfil its purposes. However, this might damage different fabrics with special purposes, and lose their initial characteristics. Such fabrics include, among other things, microfibre, denim, sports clothing fabrics, etc. For example, in case of the so-called breathable fabrics that wicks the moisture away, the fabric softener blocks different pores and the fabric might lose its properties.

The company points out that Mayeri’s 750 ml fabric softeners are more concentrated than the ones packed in 1.5 l bottles, and recommends to carefully follow the dosage instructions on the package.

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