Mayeri SPORT WASH received “New is IN” mark

Category: Product News
Date : August 17, 2009

Starting from September 2009 all developers of new products and services receive a helpful tool in the form of a special mark, which facilitates to distinctively differentiate their new product from other products. „New is IN” is a special mark of the Year of Innovation. The marking accentuates new products or services and acknowledge their developers. The mark is designed in nine bright colours and it is possible to print or stick it on new products.

Mayeri SPORT WASH, a washing gel for sport clothes was among first products, which received New is IN mark.

Formula of Mayeri SPORT WASH washing gel is specially designed for washing fabrics, which belong to the groups of so called smart textiles (ST) used for sport clothing. Regular washing detergents are not suitable for washing such fabrics as particles of bleach and softeners in these detergents will block the pores of ST fabrics and unique moisture control will stop to work. Formula also contains a special agent for neutralising unpleasant sweat smell.

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