Mayeri laundry detergent liquids and powders have been granted with EU Ecolabel

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Date : January 7, 2016

Mayeri Industries AS received EU Ecolabel license for all laundry detergent liquids and powders.

Amongst all the producers of laundry detergents with EU Ecolabel, Mayeri has the largest product portfolio.

EU Ecoflower products life cycle – raw materials, production, package and transportation – are more environmentally safe than other same category products. Hazardous substances in products have been reduced, which minimized risks for consumers and environment. Substances are biodegradable which reduces risks for aquatic environment.

Fitness-for-use criteria also guarantees good product performance. Products have to pass thorough quality tests in order to qualify for EU Ecoflower. In case of laundry detergents basic degree of whiteness, stain removal, color fastness and dye transfer inhibitor was evaluated.

When preferring EU Ecolabel products you can be sure of product quality and reduce negative impact on environment.

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