Mayeri began to co-operate with the Marketing Club of the Universtity of Tartu

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Date : February 17, 2012

In 2012 Mayeri began co-operation with the Students Marketing Club of the University of Tartu. The club has assembled creative and enterprising students, interested in marketing, who wish to realize in practice their already acquired marketing knowledge and knowledge to be acquired,. The project will last for 4 months.tartu-university-marketing-club

Mayeri project has 7 member groups consisting mainly of second year economy students.  Memebers of the group are: Dagmar Reinumägi, Saale Tartes, Kadri Kask, Liisa-Maria Lõoke, Ken Koit, Siim Uhtjärv ja Marti Reek. According to Tanel Martin, Marketing manager of Mayeri, the target was to co-operate with the students of the University of Tartu in order to gain new and innovative ideas and give students a chance to practice in the field of marketing.

Projcet manager Dagmar Reinumägi is on an opinion that marketing project of Mayeri is a good opportunity to be involved in something interesting as well as educating and developing beside university studies.. Due to the project the students have a chance challenge themselves and determine if marketing is the field, which they want to commit in the future. All members of the project are very enthusiastic about the future, they would like to do something fresh and leave their mark.

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