Company News

December 29, 2017

Mayeri uses 100% green energy

From November 2017 Mayeri uses 100% renewable energy and it can be said that the company’s products have been produced using green energy only. Thermal energy is bioenergy produced in a boiler house, which was constructed for the company in 2014. The boiler house is fuelled by chipped wood acquired from local companies. In comparison with…

January 7, 2016

Mayeri laundry detergent liquids and powders have been granted with EU Ecolabel

Mayeri Industries AS received EU Ecolabel license for all laundry detergent liquids and powders. Amongst all the producers of laundry detergents with EU Ecolabel, Mayeri has the largest product portfolio. EU Ecoflower products life cycle – raw materials, production, package and transportation – are more environmentally safe than other same category products. Hazardous substances in…

jäätmete käitlemine
August 26, 2014

Mayeri’s Progress towards a Cleaner Environment

Since joining the environmental programme “Responsible Care” in 2011, Mayeri Industries AS has laid ever more emphasis on making the production process more environmentally friendly. Although the company’s production process is waste-free, some waste still occurs in the side activities related to production, for example the packaging materials of purchased raw material, plastic packages broken…

August 14, 2014

Top-level freezing point measurement of refrigerants and windshield washer fluid

The freezing-point can only be measured in compliance with the respective standard and by using a dedicated measuring device.  The freezing-point of vehicle refrigerants and windshield washer fluid is always under question – do the products meet what the manufacturer promises? Unfortunately, the respective analyses of local laboratories do not meet the requirements: the freezing…

February 17, 2012

Mayeri began to co-operate with the Marketing Club of the Universtity of Tartu

In 2012 Mayeri began co-operation with the Students Marketing Club of the University of Tartu. The club has assembled creative and enterprising students, interested in marketing, who wish to realize in practice their already acquired marketing knowledge and knowledge to be acquired,. The project will last for 4 months. Mayeri project has 7 member groups…

July 14, 2011

We joined “Responsible Care”

“Responsible Care” program is a worldwide voluntary target initiative of chemical industry associations from different countries. The movement is directed at the activities and products of member companies in the field of health and safety and environmental protection, community involvement and to the improvement of level of awareness about the industry. More information on Responsible…

March 1, 2011

Co-operation with Plant Breeding Institute of Jõgeva

In 2011 Mayeri Organic OÜ and Plant Breeding Institute of Jõgeva concluded a co-operation agreement for testing pheromone traps of jumping bean moth and cabbage moth on test fields of the Institute.