What to bear in mind when buying dishwashing liquid?

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Date : November 7, 2006

Generally, dishwashing liquid is chosen for a pleasant smell and influences from advertising. In reality, however, there are several different selection criteria.

Important features of dishwashing detergent include:

  1. Long-lasting foam,
  2. Effective washing characters,
  3. hand-sustainable ingredients,
  4. safety of dishes and other washable items,
  5. a stable shelf life,
  6. pleasant smell and appearance,
  7. suitable container,
  8. consumption.

In addition, it is worth to be informed about environmental sustainability of different detergent. Different detergents have different toxic effects on the environment. Here, you can get some more detailed information.

Dishwashing liquid consists mainly of surfactants, or detergents. Manufacturers are trying to find a combination of detergents, which ensures excellent grease dissolution and other food waste suspension, and keeps washing efficiency at any temperatures both in hard and in soft water. Many brand manufacturers, including Mayer consider it important that all of these detergents are biodegradable, which means that the dishwashing detergents break down in nature and thus do not damage the environment. Particularly important is to pay attention on biodegradability in rural areas and summer cottages, where the wash water is often thrown to the ground.

Small amount of fragrance and color agents are added to the dishwashing liquid to make it special and pleasant for the customer. Often moisturizing Components are added to prevent drying of skin. Important are also preservatives, which ensure a longer shelf life of a product.

One very important difference between various manufacturers is the concentration of dishwashing liquid. The more concentrated the detergent is the more efficiently it works and the less of it is consumed.

As of producing laundry detergents during production of dishwashing liquid Mayeri has thought of people who are prone to allergies and simply demanding consumers, for whom it is important that the detergent does not dry the skin. Mayeri’s product line contains two special dishwashing detergents: Sensitive and Hand Balsam.

Mayeri Sensitive dishwashing detergent is recommended for consumers who are prone to allergies. This detergent been tested and given a positive assessment by the Estonian Association of Midwives and Allergy Association of Estonia. Into the second special dishwashing liquid – Mayeri Hand Balsam, however, is added Aloe Vera extract, which contains vitamins A and C, a complex sugar and essential oils that moisturize the skin, strengthen skin immunity and help maintain optimal skin moisture balance.

Recently, much attention has been paid to toxic effects of detergents. According to the latest survey, where toxicity in the environment of about 50 dishwashing detergents commercially available in the Baltic States was compared, one of the best were Mayeri dishwashing detergents.

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